Free Send Service T&Cs

Free Send Service T&Cs

The FREE Send Service provided by the Company and Evri is limited to the pickup, transportation and delivery of your Parcel(s) which should contain only items/product or goods that phonedeal accept and that you have sold to phonedeal by successfully entering/scanning the barcode or name, make, model or IMEI number of the item using a phonedeal valuation service, getting an offer price and creating a unique order which contains these items and having it accepted by phonedeal who provide email confirmation to you of a successfully completed order and been offered the use of our FREE Send Service for.

You understand that we are not the carrier but use Evri who will accept goods for carriage only on the conditions expressly provided for/by/in these Terms and Conditions and we reserve the right at our absolute discretion to refuse carriage to any package(s) tendered to us/Evri for transportation.

When you send your items using our FREE Send Service they are FULLY INSURED this means: once your Parcel(s) have been accepted at a FREE ParcelShop operated by Evri (that are identifiable by searching for a valid ParcelShop here) which means they have been scanned in-store and accepted by the store colleague for “return” to phonedeal your items are FULLY INSURED up to the VALUE in GBP (£) that the Company/we exclusively provide for them, which we have detailed in the Pack & Send Guide we have sent to you for each relevant Order (which has a unique Order Number)

Please ensure that each BOX that you send using our FREE Send Service weighs no more than 15 kilograms. You can send MORE THAN ONE BOX if you have lots of items to send us, but you must ensure that a single box weighs no more than 15 kilograms and adheres to the dimensions provided below.

To make a claim for a lost or damaged order (subject to the Company accepting and confirming that it has not received your parcel), the Customer must possess and be able to provide upon request a valid and authentic returns receipt which was provided at the Evri store at which the customers Parcel(s) were scanned and accepted for return to phonedeal. Should the Customer NOT be able to provide a valid Returns Receipt for the ORDER that they wish to claim for, the Customer may not be able to make a claim. To start a claim please contact the Company’s Customer Service team directly by emailing Please note that it is the customer’s responsibility to obtain a receipt from their chosen drop off point and retain this for tracking and insurance purposes.

In order to use our FREE Send Service your Parcels must not weigh more than 15 kilograms nor exceed dimensions of 120cm in length and a maximum volume of 225cm, and must have the correct Labels attached – such correct Labels are provided to you in your Pack & Send Guide and online at in the “My Account” Section of the website once you have successfully logged in. You must use the Labels that are provided for each individual order, defined by the unique order number associated with each order. You may only use the labels marked with our FREE Send Service mark and/or the “Evri” logo to send packages using our FREE Send Service provided by Evri. Any other labels not bearing these marks are for other services such as our FREE Courier Service.

We DO NOT recommend that you send your items to us in a Jiffy bag unless you are sending just 10 entertainment media items using our FREE Send Service. You can send your items in a “Jiffy bag (up to 2kg)” however if you are using Jiffy bags to send your items to us via our FREE Send Service you must ensure that each Jiffy bag with your items in it weighs no more than 2kg. 2kg in weight per Jiffy bag is the equivalent of 10 CD, DVD and/or game items only. Any more than this in ONE Jiffy bag will result in your Parcel not being accepted when you try to send it. We always recommend that you use a box to send your items and following the packaging guidelines provided to you with the check list in your Pack & Send Guide.

The Company reserves the right to reject a Parcel at the relevant collection point if the Parcel exceeds the weight or dimensions stated here or if there is not a valid Label attached;

You agree that when sending your Parcel(s) using our FREE Send Service provided by Evri, that we may at our absolute discretion carry/provide carriage services in the following ways: fulfilled by the Evri itself or by Evri’ own servants performing part of all the relevant services, or by Evri employing or entrusting the carriage of goods to others to perform part or all the services.