Our Brief Grading Criteria


Manufacturer Sealed 

Pristine A+:

No Marks, no dents, no usage signs, like new condition

Grade A

The A grade is a device in very good condition with minimal wear and tear marks to the screen, back cover or on the bezel.

No dents and or scratches of any kind that could be seen from arm length.

Grade B

The B grade device is in good condition, there can be evidence of light wear on the screen/bezel & back cover, there can be minor dents and light scratches.

Grade C

The Grade C device, the screen can show heavy wear, device will have deep scratches.

The bezel/back cover of the device may show heavy wear, with dents, paint missing, bezel


Grade D

Cosmetically, Grade D units could be heavily worn out. Bezel, Screen and back cover broken and damaged. Products will have some sort of functionality faults on it